Food Facts Round-Up #12


Supermarket News: Millenials Increase Frozen Food Purchases

Forty-three percent of Millennial shoppers said they have purchased more frozen foods this year than last year, according to a new report from Acosta.

“Competition in the category is heating up as fast-paced Millennials, who often take greater interest in the health benefits of food than older generations, look to frozen as a way to eat well in a convenient and hassle-free manner,” said Colin Stewart, senior VP at Acosta.

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Food Dive: Ice Cream Finds Its Sweet Spot Is More Than Just For Dessert

New research from Mars Ice Cream shows consumers view ice cream as a snack to be enjoyed throughout the day, not just after dinner, according to Fona International.  It found 18% of Americans eat ice cream on-the-go in their cars, and 48% of Millennials report they enjoy eating the treat “in bed watching TV.”

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Reader’s Digest: 14 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween Candy

How much Americans really spend on Halloween, the history of “fun size” candy, and more sweet facts about your favorite Halloween treats.

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