Food Facts Round-Up #13

Supermarket News: Discount Stores Not Just For Low-Income Brackets

Even consumers who do not need to save money are still drawn to an opportunity to do so and this concept pokes a major hole in the aforementioned myth that discounters attract low-income shoppers. Faigen said that consumers in higher income brackets often like to think of themselves as “savvy shoppers” who can find a great deal regardless of their economic situation. He said that these customers are “proud” to shop at discount retailers because they believe they are getting a deal on goods of equal or better quality. (Read More)

Eat This, Not That: 23 Thanksgiving Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Thanksgiving is the ultimate meal of the entire year. For many people, months of planning and prepping go into some of the mouthwatering staples like turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and more. But how much—beyond the fact that the pilgrims held the first Thanksgiving feast—do you really know about the food served at this beloved meal? (Read More)

The Spruce: Top 10 Fall Pasta Recipes

Cooler weather means our appetites increase. And pasta is a fabulous, inexpensive, and easy to fix food that will satisfy any appetite. And it combines with just about any other ingredient and any cuisine.

(Read More)