Food Facts Round-Up #14

Meat + Poultry: Understanding ‘Snackified’ Eating

Snacking, now accounting for half of all eating occasions, is driven by three primary consumer needs: nourishment, optimization and pleasure. Understanding attitudes and approaches to snacking based on these drivers is critical as manufacturers and retailers navigate “the modern era of snackified eating,” said Tamara Barnett, vice president of strategic insights for The Hartman Group. (Read More) 7 Surprising Facts About Food Prices

Many people believe that Americans waste a bunch of money eating out — that avocado toast and lattes are budget wreckers, for example — and that’s sort of true. In 2014, an important line was crossed — for the first time since the government tracked this sort of thing, families spent more eating out than eating at home.  But when you really look into the numbers about the way Americans spend money on food, a far more complex picture emerges.  Like many other typical household purchases — such as refrigerators or clothes — many food items are actually much cheaper than they were a generation ago. (Read More)

Food Business News: Study Links Egg Intake To Reduced Heart Disease Risk

General advice on heart health used to be avoid eating too many eggs because of their cholesterol levels, but new research from China links one egg a day to reduced risk of heart problems, including death, by double-digit percentages.

Researchers from China and the United Kingdom used data from 416,213 people in the China Kadoorie Bank study who were free of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes at baseline. At baseline, 13.1% reported daily consumption of eggs (averaging about 5.3 eggs per week), and 9.1% reported never or very rare consumption (averaging about 2 eggs per week). (Read More)