Food Facts Round-Up #18

HealthyWay: Toss Or Keep? The Truth About Expiration Dates On Food

That “use-by” date on your food might not mean what you think it means. Find out what happens when we get too overzealous about expiration dates. (Read More)

GreenBiz: How To Save A Shelf-life: Cutting Down On Food Waste Across Its Supply Shain

Innovations that help consumers store and use food at home can be effective at improving food security and tackling food waste. Today, scalable innovation in consumer packaging is making home storage easier and more efficient than ever. (Read More)

Food Dive: 6 Trends To Impact The Food Industry In 2019

As the year unfolds, there are sure to be trendy products, major deals and paradigm-shifting innovations rocking the industry. But the major trend lines in the industry have all already started, and will continue to grow and develop this year. (Read More)