Food Facts Round-Up #20

Boston Globe: At The Fancy Food Show, Vegan And Vegetarian Foods Dominate

These are the things I learned at the 2019 Fancy Food Show: Plant-based is the new vegetarian food, and a vegetarian diet is the new normal. And whether you want to blame or credit the increased gluten intolerance, nut allergies, and trepidation around all things meat and dairy, there is an alternative to everything.

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JStor: Why You Should Visit a Farm This Summer

If you haven’t ventured out on a farm yet this summer, consider paying a visit. Research suggests that agritourism can be a win-win strategy for those who own the farm and those who visit. After all, being outside is good for you, and being at a farm can help those farmers carry on their family tradition.

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Food Dive: How A Simple Sticker May Help Stick It To Produce Waste For Good

Preventing thousands of pounds of fresh produce from winding up in a landfill may be as simple as upgrading the stickers already applied to perishable fruits and vegetables, according to food tech startup StixFresh.

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