New Guidelines On Date Labeling Could End Consumer Confusion & Food Waste

Last Month, the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association announced new guidelines for date labeling that could end a major cause of consumer food waste.
“Expiration” and “Sell By” dates are largely arbitrary, but leads to a great deal of consumer food waste. Studies show that over 80 percent of Americans toss food prematurely, due to confusion regarding date labels. This costs the average American family of four about $1500 yearly. The new guidelines encourage manufacturers to use two standard labels for their products:

“Best If Used By” would be used to communicate quality, where the product is still safe to consume after the date.
“Use By” would be used to indicate that a product is highly perishable and could eventually become a safety concern. Deterioration in quality is apparent by sight or smell.

Americans waste over 40% of all food produced each year. This confusion and waste is unnecessary, as there are no federal rules that set guidelines for food labels. Star Foods believes in the mission of these leading food industry associations to end food waste and provide the best possible product to the consumer in an honest way.