Star Foods is the Solution

Product Purchasing

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Here’s Your Problem

The sales department calls to notify you that one of your company’s biggest accounts have cancelled a large, specially packed order…

Quality Control informs you that a quantity of product recently produced isn’t meeting specifications for your customer…

The warehouse calls to report a forklift driver knocked over multiple pallets of merchandise. Damage is significant enough that you won’t be able to sell it to the regular trade…

Our Solution is Simple

Show us your available inventory and supply us with all pertinent information such as: case pack, packing or expiration dates, quantity, gross weight, pallet tie/high and let us do the rest.

With our vast experience – can determine a relative value for your product.

You are our customer – and we will accommodate and work within your tight schedule. That means your company will avoid multiple accounts payables.

You will save time since we use a large fleet of contract carriers to pick up your merchandise, even on short notice.

Some companies prefer to donate for tax purposes; but being charitable, unfortunately, that won’t cover the cost of the raw materials or your labor costs. There’s only one solution:

Star Foods is the Solution

Purchasing your products

We can convert your inventory into cash.

At Star Foods, we purchase as little as a pallet or multiple truckloads of your products. Frozen or dry or general merchandise, we buy it all.

Please email or call us today for more information on how we can help you get out from underneath unsaleable inventories.